Writing as Healing

Writing about our lives is a process of remixing our memories. As we grow, experience life, become survivors of trauma, we develop new wisdoms, new eyes in which to gaze at the world and ourselves. Each time we reflect on our lives, we infuse it with that new realization or gaze. We can look at one moment in our lives at multiple points as we grow, and discover something we couldn’t see, couldn’t understand at the moment we experienced that moment, or the last time we remembered that moment. This is at the heart of writing as medicinal.

When we remix our memories with the insight of survivorship, we assign new meaning to the things we’ve experienced and the way we see the world now. We don’t need to work to infuse the survivor’s gaze in our thoughts, actions, and writing. It is already a part of us. 

InkRise uses exercises and intentional feedback to help writers find the right language to conjure up those new meanings and own that new wisdom. Making those new realizations concrete and real, by redrawing life on the page, allows the writer to develop a new relationship to their past. Once we own the past, it cannot overcome us, even when it still hurts to remember. Pain transforms into an explosion of new, very real, and very necessary wisdoms. Joy, even the smallest of them, become magnified so much that we are helplessly overwhelmed with gratitude. The journey of writing about our lives is an autonomous one; it is a self-healing process. The facilitator’s role is to make accessible the writing tools that make this process a possibility.