Mission and Goals


The mission of InkRise is to provide a space of creative realization for survivors of violence to develop the tools of narrative writing. InkRise workshops aim to explore narrative writing as a form of meaning making, self-actualization, and documentation. The philosophical root of InkRise is the survivor of violence as the expert of the ways in which violence distorts our perceptions of the self, intimate relationships, and society. The narratives produced by participants engage in two functions:

1. They are moments in a vast journey of self-actualization and life definition for the author, enriching the healing process against violence.
2. They are a collection of risky questions, life-shifting considerations, emotional guides, and hard truths for an audience of readers who are also being affected by the structural and day to day violence that result from living in a culturally, spiritually, and economically repressive society.
InkRise is a response to the need for a recognition of the various, and often overlooked, effects of violence. The workshops provide a space for those affected by violence to have their voices heard and validated, and in turn validate the similar experiences of others within the writers’ communities also being affected by violence.


InkRise provides the basic tools of narrative writing for survivors of violence who have been systematically denied opportunities to develop writing craft and the skill of persuasive storytelling on the page. The goal of the workshop and individual sessions is to incite an appreciation of narrative writing and provide a space for participants to experiment with some of the writing strategies excavated in model texts. Our critical discussions of these texts consist of explicating the strategies used to expose and deconstruct systems of violence as they affect the individual, relationships and communities. Through discussion, collective workshopping, revision, and experimentation, participants engage in a process of developing craft while exploring and naming the various ways that violence has affected the lives of the authors/participants.