Using writing to reach our highest potential.

       InkRise centers the survivor of violence as the expert in the ways violence shapes our perceptions of the self, our relationships with others, and the human condition in our society. Survivors who have experienced physical (sexual assault, gang violence, domestic violence, etc.) as well as more abstract forms of violence that manifest in multiple ongoing physical forms (poverty, racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, etc.) are supported through the InkRise writing experience. The workshop's objectives are to provide a space for survivors to:

  • develop an understanding of craft strategies used in narrative writing.
  • experiment with craft strategies in their own narrative writing.
  • explore the ways in which the effects of violence are meaningfully and captivatingly discussed in narratives.
  • excavate the ways in which violence shape survivors' perceptions of themselves, relationships with others, and the world through narrative writing.
  • develop their practice in narrative writing by delivering constructive feedback to other participants’ writing through workshop and revision exercises.
  • receive informed feedback from other writers and expert feedback from Rosa on their own writing.
  • have a collection of finished pieces and the tools to develop more writing beyond the workshop’s parameters.

InkRise Offers:

    • A seven week workshop series where participants develop craft strategies, develop and expand content, receive informed and expert feedback, and study model texts.
    • A single workshop where the basics of writing to heal and a focus on a key craft strategy are introduced.
    • A two day workshop series where the above introduction is followed by a closer focus on participant writing with more craft strategies discussed in the context of writing content.
    • One-on-one sessions with expert feedback on manuscripts, narrative write ups with a focus on how craft can help you uncover hidden narratives and strengthen the work, and in-person or virtual discussions of your manuscript. 

Praise for InkRise by participants:

"I loved taking this class. It open up a side of me that I did not know still existed in my life. Rosa is a great leader and friend, I recommend this class to anyone." (Sherrell, Spring 2013 Participant)

"Through the InkRise course I have developed my skills to identify and incorporate shifts in my writing, to look for and understand flow and structure. Something that we have discussed and that has moved me is the method by which a writer can be socially conscious, political and intentional with their work, and use their writing as a means for communication. I have learned to flesh out the nuances of character development as well as identifying forms of conflict." (Lemny, Fall 2013 Participant)

"So far I learned how to cherish the skills I already possess. I see brilliance in non-fiction literature in a manner I had not know I did... I have learned to enhance my eye for literary strategies that I appreciate and can mimic. Something we discussed that moved me was the beauty in slowing down. Slowing down noticing the nuance gives me more material to write." (Magdalene, Fall 2013 Participant)